Povećana proizvodnja SFS intec u 2013

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The SFS Group increased its sales in 2013 by 11.5% to CHF 1,331 bn. Changes in the scope of consolidation contributed 9.8% to this growth. Excluding these changes, organic growth of the SFS Group amounted to 1.7%. Operating profit before amortisations (EBITA) improved by 38.9% to CHF 195.4 million and EBITA margin by 14.7% (11.9% in 2012).

In contrast to previous years, the total impact of exchange rate fluctuations on sales and profit was not significant in the current year. For the first time sales of Unisteel Technology, which was acquired at the end of August 2012, were consolidated for an entire financial year. They contributed significantly to the growth of the SFS Group.